Optimal E1

Battery Electric Cutaway Chassis

Engineered with Experience

Electrify Your Fleet

A battery-electric solution enabling zero-emissions performance in an extensive range of market segments. E1 is based on a dependable, proven cutaway package, but with better durability & efficiency, and simplified maintenance


Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
"driven & friendly"

Engineered for Upfitting, Electrified for Fleets

A familiar platform gets even easier to utilize with the advantage of EV packaging, and lower operating costs with reduced maintenance. With 158-inch (4,013mm) or 176-inch (4,470mm) wheelbases available, E1 also has the flexibility to meet your upfitting needs.

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
"driven & friendly"

Proterra Battery

With 113kW of energy storage, and proven by over 20 million miles of service, Optimal’s partnership with Proterra provides our products with the best performance & reliability, all from right here in the USA.

Level 2 AC Charge
DC Fast Charge
Charge Time
< 8 Hours
< 2 Hours
Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
"driven & friendly"

Rear-Mounted Motor

With 280 kW of propulsion on tap and 1700Nm of instant EV torque, the S1LF can reach a top speed of 70mph (112kph) and has 30% gradeability*.

*at GVWR of 14,500 lb (6577 kg)

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan
"driven & friendly"

Secured Power Electronics

Another first in the industry: our products feature 100% of the power electronics, including the battery, motor, driveline, motor controllers, and power/cooling lines, in between the chassis rails while also protecting the vehicle’s critical components.

The Silent Intersection of Comfort & Quality

Our years of experience in automotive engineering have also taught us how to design for an optimized user experience. Enabled by quieter electric propulsion, optimized ride dynamics and body design, and quality materials, our products enjoy lower NVH levels (noise, vibration, harshness) that benefit both passengers and workers.

Convenient Comfort
The Silent Intersection of Comfort & Quality

Nothing is more comforting than familiarity. Except for the smooth, quiet power delivery of EV propulsion in an optimized chassis. With E1, you can have both, with an electric powertrain silently integrating with the convenience of OEM instrument cluster & controls


High Performance Traction Motor
  • 1000 Nm

    Continuous Torque
  • 1700 Nm

    Peak Torque
  • 170 kW

    Continuous Power
  • 280 kW

    Peak Power
  • 300 - 750 vdc

    Voltage Range
  • 113 kWh

    Proterra Battery
  • 326V (Nominal)

    System Voltage
  • Water/Glycol Mixture

  • <8 Hours Charge

    With Standard Level 2 AC Charge
  • <2 Hours Fast Charge

    With Optional DC Fast Charge
  • -22° to +133°F (-30° to +56°C)

    Operating Temperature


Buy America Compliant
With 91%* of our components made in-house in Indiana, or sourced from partnerships with American manufacturers, you can be proud knowing your fleet supports American companies and enables Buy America incentives.

*Estimated from current suppliers. Percentage may change.

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Optimal-EV is bolting into the commercial EV sector with industry-leading performance, features, comfort, and durability.

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