Optimal EV E1-Repower

Built on the commonized Optimal platform technology, and based on the Ford E-450 cutaway chassis, E1-R features the same battery-electric performance, safety, and durability found in our E1 chassis, but with the flexibility of converting vehicles already operating in your fleet.

Breathe new life into your sunk costs

Have a sustainability goal you're trying to achieve? Looking to minimize operating costs and capitalize on the performance advantages that come with EVs? Any fleet electrification goal is within reach when you partner with Optimal.

We are making fleet electrification easy and achievable, and accelerating the transition to clean commercial vehicles. Our platform gives you the features, performance, and safety you want, built on vehicles you already have.

  • Based on the Ford E-450

    Available on MY 2018-2023 Ford E-450 cutaway chassis
  • Proterra Powered®

    Industry-leading safety, durability, and performance from Proterra® 113kW battery fully protected inside frame rails
  • Protected Power

    Clean, unobtrusive conversion process with all power electronics and high voltage cables protected inside frame rails
  • Industry-Leading Performance

    280kW/1700Nm (375hp/1254lb-ft) on tap, OEM E-450 equivalent 30% gradeability, and 125+ miles (201km) of range

A direct path to clean, lower-cost fleet operation

We provide an alternative to new vehicle production, lowering the barrier to electrification for any fleet.
A repowered fleet lowers the total cost of ownership with reduced maintenance and operational costs while delivering an improved, yet familiar driving experience.

Zero Emissions Operation

Put your greenhouse gas reduction plan into action

Accelerated Deployment Timelines

Able to achieve sustainability goals in short order

Reduced Maintenance

Fewer parts means less maintenance

Lower Operating Costs

Drastically reduced TCO (total cost of ownership)

Extended Fleet Life Span

We deliver a repowered vehicle with a new powertrain and user interface, and refreshed components where required

Improved User Experience

Reduced NVH and improved zero-emissions performance in a familiar package

The most efficient conversion process in the industry

Helping you meet green goals sooner

With over 35 years of OEM-level engineering from Optimal behind the design, and nearly 4 decades of engineering, manufacturing and conversion experience from Fontaine Modification, E1-R is produced with the highest level of precision and efficiency.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your fleet conversion needs are met.

Eligible vehicle is shipped to your local Fontaine Modification production facility
All ICE components removed
100-point pre-repower inspection
Optimal Platform Technology components are installed
Brakes, suspension, driver's cabin, ... are refreshed
Finished vehicle undergoes final testing before delivery

Optimal platform technology

Shared with S1, Optimal's halo product, and E1, our electric cutaway chassis, the Optimal Platform Technology also underpins E1-R with its innovate packaging enabling clean, quiet, safe and dependable operation.

Optimal supports everything from service to charging infrastructure, ensuring your repowered fleet exceeds expectations.

  • 280kW (375hp) of power

  • 1700Nm (1254lb-ft) of torque

  • 30% gradeability (equivalent to OEM E-450)

  • 70 mph (112kph) max speed

  • 125+ miles (201km) of range

High Performance Traction Motor
  • Continuous Torque: 1000 Nm

  • Continuous Power: 170 kW

  • Peak Power: 280 kW

  • Voltage Range: 300 - 750 vdc

  • Peak Torque: 1700 Nm

  • Proterra Battery 113 kWh

  • System Voltage 326V (Nominal)

  • Cooling Water/Glycol Mixture

  • With Standard Level 2 AC Charge <8 Hours Charge

  • With Optional DC Fast Charge <2 Hours Fast Charge

  • Operating Temperature -22° to +133°F (-30° to +56°C)


More than taking ICE vehicles off the road—we're giving them a second life

From our production methods to our material selections, we're always reducing waste and emissions. We operate in a category that desperately needs help performing on both.

Not only are emissions reduced by removing the ICE powertrain, but the greenhouse gas created in the production of the chassis has already been accounted for. With E1-R, we're introducing a repower product that recycles old vehicles and opens up a wider range of options for our customers resulting in more EV adoption, fewer emissions, and better performing vehicles.

The Optimal–Fontaine Repower Partnership

Fontaine Modification brings nearly 4 decades of industry-leading engineering, manufacturing and system integration experience, proving to be the right partner to integrate the E1-R solution into a variety of commercial vehicle applications including school & shuttle buses, delivery vehicles and specialty vehicles. Fontaine Modification is North America’s most comprehensive provider of post-production truck services for original equipment manufacturers, dealers, and fleets, and together, we're making electric commercial vehicles accessible to all fleet managers and operations.

Repower Locations

Through our partnership, we’re able to offer nationwide repower production facilities, making the receipt and delivery of your fleet easier and more economical.

* Future locations