Optimal EV Displays E1 with Olathe Ford at STN Expo Reno

We were excited to be at the School Transportation News Expo in Reno, NV where we displayed our E1 electric cutaway chassis alongside our friends at Olathe Fleet Solutions.

Throughout the week, we were excited to host representatives from across the school bus industry, showcasing the zero-emissions performance, safety, and durability of our products. The applications in the EV school bus sector are growing exponentially, and we're proud to be part of a shift towards safer, cleaner transportation for students across North America. Eliminating fumes and exhaust emissions from all transportation is a critical goal, but especially important when transporting children. Our full-electric products allow for zero-emissions propulsion, while also creating a much more comfortable and quiet riding experience. The Optimal-EV advantage means optimized crash structures, protection for the battery & electric propulsion systems, and improved NVH all thanks to our patented EV chassis & suspension design.

To learn more about our E1 product, click here

About Optimal-EV.

Optimal-EV is the market leader in the design, validation and manufacturing of zero-emission electric low-floor shuttle buses. Their suite of low-floor vehicle configurations and equipment options are quiet and ecologically efficient, making them ideal for the seamless migration of your current fleet to being zero-emission. Optimal’s journey into vehicle electrification began in 2015, with the integrated 33 years of automotive design/development and superior CAE (computer aided engineering) optimization skills, and is now augmented by a seasoned bus manufacturing operations team. Leveraging multi-industry insight and innovative approach to engineering and vehicle manufacturing, they identify and integrate the best industry solutions for the customers. Optimal proudly designs, engineers and manufactures vehicles in America, with our engineering and research center in Plymouth, Michigan and manufacturing center in Elkhart, Indiana.

For more information, visit: www.optimal-ev.com

Media contact: pr@optimal-ev.com

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