Partnership with APMA Utilizes Optimal-EV Technology in $5M Funding Raise

Project Arrow highlights hundreds of advanced technology companies around the world, making it an especially exciting collaboration for Optimal-EV as we aim to solidify our place among the technology leaders of the automotive world. Our roots in this industry run deep, and continue to grow as we team up with more amazing global partners like the APMA.

Initially developed as part of a research project in 2019, Optimal-EV has lent its Powertrain, Chassis, & Electronics Mule to the APMA for their Project Arrow zero-emissions concept vehicle project. This Optimal-EV test mule, referred to internally as "Charlie", was developed alongside a complete digital twin to showcase Optimal's product development, testing, and CAE capabilities. Since then, it has propelled Optimal's efforts in the EV space, as well as serving as a technology demonstrator at our Plymouth, MI based R&D center.

When presented the opportunity to connect with a highly innovate project coming out of the Canadian industry-led APMA, Optimal was elated to lend a hand with our Charlie prototype and research data. This partnership has propelled their efforts in raising $5.5M of FedDev (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario) funding that will support 80 jobs, leverage $6.6 million in other funding Project Arrow has garnered, and support 40 suppliers from across the automotive sector. According to the APMA, the project’s aim is to

“Bring together key industry and academic partners in southern Ontario…to design, engineer and build a connected and autonomous zero-emissions vehicle concept car and its digital twin, which will be used as a virtual platform for testing and validating connected and autonomous technologies before they are integrated into the physical car.”

About Optimal-EV.

Optimal-EV is the market leader in the design, validation and manufacturing of zero-emission electric low-floor shuttle buses. Their suite of low-floor vehicle configurations and equipment options are quiet and ecologically efficient, making them ideal for the seamless migration of your current fleet to being zero-emission. Optimal’s journey into vehicle electrification began in 2015, with the integrated 33 years of automotive design/development and superior CAE (computer aided engineering) optimization skills, and is now augmented by a seasoned bus manufacturing operations team. Leveraging multi-industry insight and innovative approach to engineering and vehicle manufacturing, they identify and integrate the best industry solutions for the customers. Optimal proudly designs, engineers and manufactures vehicles in America, with our engineering and research center in Plymouth, Michigan and manufacturing center in Elkhart, Indiana.

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